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AppleScript to Save Open Tabs to Reading List

I am not good at keeping my Safari windows clean. It is not unusual for me to have three or four windows upen with tabs that look like this.


Maybe this isn’t the best way to work, but it’s how I work. I only have two problems. The first is the utter catastrophe when I accidentally Cmd-Q. John Gruber has a nice Applescript to solve this problem. The second problem is more an annoyance. Sometimes I need to restart my computer. There are cases where the system will reload open windows. There are cases where it won’t. In general I don’t trust the system to open all my tabs after a restart.

The reading list is a good place to save the open tabs but adding them manually is a waste of time. AppleScript lets us automate this process.

tell application "Safari"
	set windowCount to number of windows
	repeat with x from 1 to windowCount
		set tabcount to number of tabs in window x
		repeat with y from 1 to tabcount
			set tabName to name of tab y of window x
			set tabURL to URL of tab y of window x
			add reading list item tabURL with title tabName
		end repeat	
	end repeat
end tell

After running this script all the open tabs from every window are safely stored in the Safari reading list and can be opened again after the system reboots.