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Internet TV is a Mess

Yesterday evening I was in no mood to hang out at a sports bar but I really wanted to watch the Green Bay Packers game. So far this year I have been able to watch the games on local over the air channels. Monday Night Football is on ESPN so I needed another solution.

I checked the Packers website and found that other than ESPN I could only watch the game on replay with an NFL All Access Pass. I decided that I had to get access to ESPN. I remembered that Disney+ has a bundle that includes ESPN+ and Hulu. My kids like some shows on Hulu. They have it at their mother’s house. My sister also likes some shows on Hulu so it seemed like a good solution. For five additional bucks per month I kill two birds with one stone.

I upgraded my subscription, logged on to ESPN+ (ESPNplus ?) and then learned that you can’t watch ESPN on ESPN+. What the heck! Kick off was about 15 minutes away and I wasn’t in the mood for this mess. I downgraded my subscription. I love my kids, but I don’t need another streaming service if there is no Packers football. I searched for other options and it seemed the only option in my area was ATT U-Verse. I have to use ATT for internet and I used to have them for mobile service. I’ve never been happy with them. I also don’t want a massive cable bill for a service that I’m only going to use 2-3 times in the next 4 months.

I almost gave up but then I found that SlingTV has ESPN in their Orange package. I was able to create an account and add the app to my TV in time for kickoff. SlingTV is a hodgepodge of channels in two different bundles that can be combined into three pricing tiers. So now I can watch my beloved Pack at home almost always either over the air, in SlingTV, via the NFL app, or through Amazon Prime. What a mess!