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Printable Snap Fit Desiccant Containers

Wet filament will ruin a print. Many plastics are hygroscopic (water absorbing). Their affinity to water differs but over time almost all will absorb water. Water absorption can cause problems in several ways

  1. Filament will expand therefore clogging the printer more easily
  2. Trapped water will boil off at printing temperatures. This is characterized by popping and clicking noises. This will lead to voids in the print, and increases wear on the nozzle.
  3. Wet filaments cause stringing artifacts. They are unsightly but may also snag during the print. This could lead to a print failure.

I mainly print in PLA. It does not have a high affinity for water but due to my location, Houston, and my environment, a very old townhome with undersized AC capacity, my filaments get wet quickly.

As is my style, that was a long introduction to show off this great print that I found recently. PrusaPrinter member P.Tech developed a snap fit desiccant canister that fits perfectly inside of filament spools. Sizes are easily adjusted with a parametric OpenSCAD file. These can be used during storage to maintain a dry environment. I prefer reusable desiccant beads. These containers work perfectly. I recommend printing 5 or 10.

Desiccant Container for Spools