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Time To Start A New Project

Last year I linked to the AAScan project. AAScan is an open source 3D scanning platform based on Arduino. My 3D printing hobby has recently gone from primarily practical prints to making miniatures for my kids. My skills with digital sculpting are poor. I think it’s time to take on this project.

I have had a nice discussion with some other people that are interested in the topic as well. In addition to AAScan there is an interesting and well documented project called Scanning the Void. I have an idea to combine these two projects and improve the depth mapping using the new iPhone 12 camera system.

I think it should be possible to use the infrafred depth map to improve how the images are stitched together. It might also be possible to use the three cameras to identify common points on the object and triangulate a more accurate depth map. I haven’t tested any of this yet. It’s just some ideas. I intend to build the rotary table first. I have some spare Arduinos and steppers right now so it’s a good time to build it.

I also think the ideas from “Scanning the Void” are great. The system needs very dark backgrounds. This is the perfect application for the new ultra-black pigments that are being developed like Musou Black. If you haven’t seen Musou Black check out this YouTube video where a guy built a room and painted it with Musou Black.

If I make any progress I’ll post updates.