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Can We Kill The Dynamic Web

I was recently on a flight and was using the inflight WiFi for some work. I know that these systems have very limited bandwidth but I can normally accomplish everything I need. I connect to the system and enable “Low Data Mode” on my iPad. I have already synced the large important files that I must use. Communication is text based so it is not a problem. Even a 64 kBps connection is usually sufficient.

On this particular flight I finished up everything quickly and decided to write a few blog posts. The internet was completely unusuable. I checked a few of the blogs that I follow and they loaded quickly. It was slower than the almost instantaneous load at home but was not a distraction. Every commerical site showed a slowly creeping blue line across the Safari search bar. After a minute or two the site would “load”, and just as I was ready to scroll, the first of popup would appear. Do you want to accept cookies? Fuck you website. I want to read this article. Click No. Space bar. Scroll one page. Read. Popup. Like what you are reading, then subscribe. Fuck your subscription. I pay for media, but I’m not interested in this crap right now. Scroll again and start to read. Wait a minute. Where am I. Oh no, ads are starting to load. What a disaster.

High speed internet covers a multitude of sins. These modern dynamic websites are terrible. They are just billboards. Space for rent. Design nightmares. I hate them. I love all of you with static websites.