Rivers of Information

I haven’t put much time into writing recently. I’ve pursued other projects. I was talking with my girlfriend and she noted that I’m posting a lot on Twitter. When I thought about why I posted there I realized that I have developed a nicely curated list of accounts that I follow and posting is almost frictionless. This is particularly true when I want to post a quick status update of a project that I’m working on.

The problem with this is that I’m neglecting my blog, my data store, my memories by placing them in someone else’s silo. I didn’t use social media accounts for years. I’ve come to realize that they can be useful places to meet people with similar hobbies and share ideas. I have met many thoughtful, talented people over Twitter and have found a lot of inspiration. I want to interact with those people and I cannot expect them to come to this site. Even if I put in comments or discussion features it is unreasonable. I probably have less than 50 followers.

Besides Twitter, I also spend a large part of my day reading and jotting down notes. I add links to my Safari reading list. I put ideas in notebooks. The vast majority of these will never be looked at again and most of my ideas will never see the light of day. It would be nice to put them on my blog so that they are easily searchable and so that others can see them and possibly draw inspiration. I have followed Dave Winer for years, decades even. I believe it was Dave that popularized the idea of information rivers. These are streams of links, news, quotes, etc. I was inspired by the idea and decided to create another section on my site that holds a river of random information.

I see the river as something like “stream of consciousness” blogging. It isn’t something to think about. It doesn’t require proofreading. It’s a never-ending post-it note. Earlier I said that I haven’t written much lately, but I have been thinking. If I capture those thoughts on my blog then there will be more here to think about and maybe help to occasionally brighten the proverbial light bulb. The main issue is eliminating friction and I think I have a workflow that reduces the friction sufficiently for me to use the river as my main collection of thought.

Along with the river I’m working to add IndieWeb functionality such as webmentions, websub, and webpub. The idea is to silo here and syndicate elsewhere. I’ve made some progress. You may see some odd formatting in a few of the first webmentions. I apologize in advance. It will get better.