This is Frisket

Frisket the cat

This is Frisket. That is Frisket, like brisket, but with an F. Frisket is a cat. She annoys me. She crawls inside my pants when I go to the restroom. She jumps in the shower with me every morning and scratches my legs while she scrambles to get out. She bites my ankles when I go up the stairs. She falls asleep in the pantry and then wakes up scared in the middle of online meetings. She licks my ears and wakes me up just when the dream was getting good. She once fell asleep on my laptop keyboard while I was watching TV and posted a random issue to Github. Note to self, turn off unlock with Apple Watch on the laptop.

I dislike Frisket. There are four people that love Frisket though. I love those four people very much. I don’t have to like Frisket, but I love her too.