Celebrate by Writing: Matt Mullenweg

My birthday is coming up soon so it’s that time of the year when friends start reaching out and asking where they should fly to and how we’re going to celebrate.

After a good run in the post-vaccinated-and-boosted part of 2020 that felt relatively “normal”, including traveling almost 200k miles, I’m going back into a pretty locked-down state of things. Omicron has just been catching too many friends and loved ones, even with fairly careful measures and testing. So what’s happening on January 11th?

What I’m asking for my birthday is for people to blog!

by Matt Mullenweg

I met Matt years ago at the University of Houston. I was done with school and was taking an elective course. I believe he was starting/passing through. It was one of those random encounters where you strike up a conversation with a stranger. Years later I heard him on a podcast and thought, “that’s interesting, I met that guy once.” I guess today is his birthday. He’s done a lot for the blogosphere and is still promoting it. I think it’s a good cause to promote. If you’ve always wanted to blog but haven’t “bit the bullet”, then try it today. There are more ways than ever to get started. Test the waters over at It’s easy and has a great community. If you are a seasoned blogger then post something new today.