Marketing Chart Junk: I hate it

Intel Says New Core i9 Processor for Laptops is Faster Than Apple’s M1 Max Chip - via MacRumors

I don’t keep up with processor specs. Computers are generally fast enough for my needs. This graphic, released by Intel, drives me crazy though.

Comparison Chart

First, the list of caveats mean that the data is completely useless for actual comparisons. It is 100% marketing junk. Second, why is there a point at the end of the M1 Max line. I would immediately assume that this is the maximum power draw, but then, why don’t the other lines either end in a point or continue on to infinity? Third, what does the added width on the i9-12900HK line mean? Am I to assume some tolerance band for relative performance at each power? Finally, what is with the gradients at the beginning of the M1 Max curve and on each end of the i9-12900HK curve?

I’m not picking on Intel. Every manufacturer produces these bullshit graphics. I simply hate marketing chart junk. What a waste of effort.