Why we need to wear better masks

From Axios

The big picture: Fitted particle-filtering masks like N95s are up to 75 times more effective at preventing infection with COVID-19 than surgical masks, according to a study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Well researched article showing effectiveness of masks in the prevention of coronavirus spread. There is plenty of misinformation on this topic. Commonsense should be enough to tell us that masks work. Here’s some good science as well.

I have taken every precaution to prevent contracting one of the COVID variants. So far I have been very lucky. I am fully vaccinated and recently received a booster. I maintain social distance wherever possible. I’m tested on at least a bi-weekly basis. I wear an N95 mask. We had break-through cases in my family last year. All four of my children contracted the virus and I took care of them for two weeks. All of these measures played a role in my not contracting the virus.