Bret Stephens in The New York Times

It wasn’t hard to see, when it began, that it would end exactly the way it has. Donald Trump is America’s willful arsonist, the man who lit the match under the fabric of our constitutional republic.

The duty of the House of Representatives and the Senate, once they certify Joe Biden’s election, is to reconvene, Wednesday night if possible, to impeach the president and then remove him from office and bar him from ever holding office again.

To allow Trump to serve out his term, however brief it may be, puts the nation’s safety at risk, leaves our reputation as a democracy in tatters and evades the inescapable truth that the assault on Congress was an act of violent sedition aided and abetted by a lawless, immoral and terrifying president.

The man is a life-long criminal. He has already been impeached. Senate Republicans did not remove him from office because they were cowards. They cannot undo the past but they can overturn their mistake. It is not too late to impeach the president again and this time they must remove him from office immediately. Our Constitution demands it. We should not let him finish his term.