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Time to Upgrade Octoprint to Python 3

If you are a 3d printing enthusiast then you probably know about or use Octoprint the phenomenal piece of open-source software developed and maintained by Gina Häußge. Octoprint is built on python and is compatible with python version 2 and 3. Gina and others have worked hard to prepare for python 2 EOL. Currently a large majority of users are using python 2. Python 3 support is ready and the majority of plugins are python 3 compatible so now is a good time to upgrade.

To help you with the process, Charlie Powell has created a script that will automate the process. See the blog post here. I’ve been on the python 3 version for awhile and have no issues.

Falcon 9 In Flight

I love these pictures of the SpaceX Falcon 9 in flight. Look at the gorgeous parabola as it takes off and returns to the drone ship.

Falcon 9 In Flight

40 Years

Forty years ago today at 3:57 am I popped into this world. When you are told how quickly time flies you never listen. It has been a quick forty. Despite the strange year I’m happy to be here. I’m a bit surprised that I made it, but I’m really glad that I did. Here’s to hoping the next forty are every bit as eventful and exciting as the first. Here’s to growing and learning more in the next forty.

Watching Ted Lasso

📺 I watched the first 5 episodes of “Ted Lasso” on Apple TV+. I wasn’t sure if I would like it after the first episode. Ted’s (Jason Sudeikis) accent and overly optimistic attitude were too much. The second episode was better and by episode 3 the show found its heart. It is a great television show. ★★★★☆

2021 Acura TLX Gets A Big Upgrade

The first car that I bought for myself was an Acura RSX Type S. It was a fun car and had good power for the investment. I really enjoyed it. Honda makes great engines and the 4-cylinder in the RSX was excellent. I probably would have been just as happy with a Civic though. I don’t think Honda does a good job of differentiating the Acura line from their generic platform siblings.

The recently announced Acura TLX breaks that mold. Honda is shaking up the design and incorporating new production technologies to create a car that should be a big step up from the Accord. Design News has some details on the new materials and processes that Honda is using. It’s a good looking car and if the claims in the article are true it will be a blast to drive.

Modular Lamp by Bugman_140

Modular Lamp

My girlfriend thinks that it is important to have lamps near the bed for reading. I tried to argue that it is not necessary because I use my Kindle Paperwhite in bed. After 40 years I am still dumb enough to argue with a woman. I came across a nice print by Big Nick Dimelow aka Bugman_140. Bugman has some amazing designs. I love looking at his work.

I like this concept because lamp shades can be changed easily for different occasions or different rooms. I made this shade using vase mode printing on a Prusa MK3S with CC3D White PLA+ filament. The wavy look is even better in person. The print files are available at PrusaPrinters.

Apple Announces Time Flies Event

Apple announced a virtual only event for next Tuesday at 10 am Pacific. I wouldn’t read too much into the name, but I think it’s a good guess that “Time Flies” refers to the Apple Watch and iPhones won’t be announced yet. That’s cool. I enjoyed virtual WWDC and having two fall events will be nice. I haven’t upgraded my phone in a long time. I’m using a jet black iPhone 7. I love the jet black finish. I wish it would make a comeback. I will definitely upgrade this year though. If a 5.4” iPhone 12 is announced I’ll preorder immediately. If not then I’m getting an iPhone SE.